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Introducing SounDLoadz...
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Another DropSwitch Technology
Soundloadz is a brand new way for Mac Users to access some of the World's finest sounds - Apple Loops, GarageBand Instruments, Multimedia Soundtracks, SFX and even iPhone Ringtones all produced by professional musicians including Internationally-acclaimed artists like Vince Clarke (of Erasure, Depeche Mode & Yazoo), Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) and Coldcut. Users of GarageBand, Logic, iLife and more can now instantly download the sounds they need, straight to their Mac or even iPad!
Made for Mac...
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A Creative Solution for Creative People
Mac Users have always been creative people. The first day we saw iTunes we thought that could and should work to deliver the tools Mac users need to be creative too. However whilst iTunes and the Mac App Store provide a massive selection of apps they don't allow the content or plugins so desperately needed by their creative users. Inspiring sounds make being creative so much easier. This is where Soundloadz comes in...
Soundloadz is another innovative technology from DropSwitch!


SoundLoadz gives you instant access to a huge library of sounds. Not only Apple Loops but also GarageBand Instruments (not iPad compatible), iPhone Ringtones, SFX, Multimedia Soundtracks and more.
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You can easily browse through libraries and see the contents of each selected library as you do so.
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Previews of all the individual audio files in each library are available for you to instantly audition so you can hear exactly what is on offer. There are also demo tracks of instrument libraries.
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You can select individual sounds or full libraries and purchase them in-app. Individual sounds are just $0.99 each and full libraries available at huge discounts.
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Your purchases are always available for download. Once downloaded SoundLoadz gives you the option to install your new sounds so they appear in your library.
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Log-in to your account on either the iPad or OSX versions of the SoundLoadz app and you'll find all your account details and downloads instantly available so you can download your purchases or make new ones and always have them available on both platforms.
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Main Features
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A New Way To Find Great Sounds
Soundloadz allows you to browse a massive library of the highest quality sampled sounds available today. Whether it's hip hop, rock, pop, jazz, synthpop, R&B, world music or many more that you're interested in you'll quickly find sounds that you want to use in your music. Audition individual sounds in each library and then purchase either the whole library, or just the specific sounds you want. Download your purchases instantly or at your leisure on your Mac or iPad and install your purchases directly into your sound library so you can continue to make music without breaking stride.

Now there's no need to settle for anything than the finest sounds and you will also have them at your fingertips whether you're working on your desktop to iPad too!
Instantly Download
Soundloadz offers you...
Massive Library of Sounds
Whatever sounds you need… it's here!
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Apple Loops
Instantly control their tempo and key in GarageBand, Logic & more. They're also tagged for easy location. We produced the World's first and arguably best!
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GarageBand Instruments
Need for Instruments? You'll find them here including ExpansionPack for GarageBand an essential add-on for all GarageBand users.
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iPhone Ringtones
Professionally created ringtones that will make you stand out from the crowd.
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Multimedia Soundtracks
Professionally produced designed specifically for your multimedia projects.
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Special Effects
Need high quality SFX for your video or podcast?

But most importantly the ability to preview each sound and download exactly what you like!

World Class Sounds
The finest sounds around
Our sound libraries have been sold all over the World in retail stores and on-line by Apple since being released as Apple Loops & GarageBand Instruments. However long before that, since the 80s, professionals had been using them in their previous formats, making countless hit records and winning numerous awards throughout the World. Now you can access the Pro's 'Secret Weapon' for yourself!
Easy Account Management
Where your music is...
When you log-in to your Soundloadz account on either the iPad or Mac OSX App you will be able to review your purchases and download whatever you need directly. There's no need to worry about syncing up, your sounds are always available for you to instantly access in either app. Whatever platform you're on you can shop for new sounds or use those you've already purchased!
Preview Individual Apple Loops
Hear what you're getting
Not only Apple Loops either - every sound we offer is available for instant auditioning in our app. You never need to guess again, you can hear exactly what you are buying and buy exactly those files that fit the bill. Hear more than enough you like in one library? Then you can simply buy the whole thing, making a huge saving. Your purchases are available for you to download the files you actually want to use at your leisure.

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Get Soundloadz...

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